Dead Weight: One Player Every NBA Team Should Release



Dead Weight: One Player Every NBA Team Should Release

There are plenty of reasons for a team and a player to go their separate ways. Of course, the most obvious is a player losing the ability that once made them an asset to their respective franchise. Then there can be money situations. New contracts, old overpaid contracts, a player feeling they deserve a raise and more security. That is probably the most common battle between a franchise and its players. Then there is the act of rebuilding. Why hold on to a proven NBA star, when the rest of your team has moved on elsewhere? See the Chicago Bulls, for instance. Jimmy Butler was moved for young guards Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn. Dwyane Wade is a future Basketball Hall of Famer, but is he going to carry the Bulls to a NBA Championship alongside Robin Lopez, Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn? No, they are geared towards the future and the team will be looking to acquire more assets in the future.

At the end of the day, the NBA is a business. We have seen it year in and year out. Teams part ways with players that seemed to have played big roles for years. It is a tough decision but there are faces in the front office that have spent years figuring out how to keep their franchise in the best possible situation for the future it beholds.


Let’s start off with a little bit of controversy. Of course the Atlanta Hawks are not going to part ways with Marco Belinelli. They just received him in a trade for Dwight Howard. The confusing part here is that the team did not make an attempt to resign All-Star power forward Paul Millsap, who is now a member of the Denver Nuggets. What good is Marco Belinelli to a young rebuilding team? At this point it would make more sense to part ways, and let Belinelli play a part on a playoff-contending team. The Hawks seemed to have blown up a once promising core that consisted of four All-Stars. Now zero remain, and Belinelli will be stuck helping a team to the NBA Lottery.


The addition of Gordon Hayward had NBA fans questioning if the team was going to move Jae Crowder. Well, instead they freed up some of the logjam at guard, and it looks like if they were to move on from any forward, it would probably be Gerald Green. Green was able to reinvent himself when he returned to the NBA after a hiatus that lasted from 2009-2012. Luckily he did because he caught once of the greatest alley-oops of all-time during his stay with the Nets upon his return. Green is a veteran presence on a good team, but may just figure to be an odd man out when it is all said and done. The Celtics will need to continue to add small pieces if they want to get back at LeBron and the Cavaliers.


This franchise is stuck in such a bad spot, it was hard determining which way the franchise needs to go or which way to go on this article. The Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce blockbuster deal the Nets made to fast-forward a championship run has had the team stuck in purgatory for years. The trade didn’t offer more than a second-round playoff series and Garnett and Pierce have both since retired. Meanwhile, the Nets have been sacrificing their top 5 draft picks to the Boston Celtics as compensation. There is no good way to go about this, but having Jeremy Lin on the roster really does nothing. Part ways with Linsanity and give D’Angelo Russell the reins to do whatever he wants.  Why not?


Ramon Sessions is a NBA journeyman, and a pretty good one at that. He put together solid years in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and with the then-Charlotte Bobcats. In all he has played for eight different teams, if you separate the Bobcats and Hornets. But it has been a while since he has proven to be productive. The Hornets should look elsewhere for the backup to Kemba Walker. Michael Jordan and company are apparently trying to win now with the acquisition of Dwight Howard. Therefore a better second unit should be in play. Sessions hasn’t broke double digit scoring average since 2013-14, and it appears those days are behind him. Declining the team option would be best.


Here’s the biggest and best name on our list. Dwyane Wade already exercised his player option for the upcoming season, but with the departure of Jimmy Butler and the Bulls adding young pieces, it appears the Bulls and Wade could be heading towards a buy-out, and rightfully so. Wade doesn’t need to sit and watch a team aim for a high draft pick, and the team can clear room for newcomers Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn to get the playing time they need to transform into the backcourt the front office envisioned when they moved Jimmy Butler for the duo.

Expect a buy-out and a few contenders to come calling for Dwyane Wade’s services.


Channing Frye barely got off the bench during the Cavaliers 2016-2017 NBA Finals run. LeBron and management need to stop feeling kindhearted for all of LeBron’s friends and start adding pieces that can actually help. A deep team will always have more options come to light when the time comes and although he can still stroke the 3-ball, Frye had little to offer come the NBA Finals and the road leading up to it. He is owed over $7 million for the upcoming campaign, but if he is not there, it will still allow Tyronn Lue to look down his bench and see better options. The team is so far over the luxury tax, they may be willing to take the hit.


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