Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey

Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey

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Who doesn’t love a good NBA uniform or mocking a bad one? Uniforms are one of the best parts of sports and they are constantly changing to keep up with trends and keep fans buying the latest jerseys. Every special occasion nowadays gets it’s own uniform. Christmas, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. all get their own uniform.

Also with all of the alternate jerseys these days, there are plenty of uniforms to choose from. Sleeved uniforms have become more common as well, as the NBA feels sleeved jerseys could sell more, given that they have more of an everyday look to them. I’m here to discern the good from the bad and give you the best and worst uniforms from every NBA franchise, and believe me, there have been some extremely bad uniforms.

One thing I’m not looking forward to are the advertisements on team’s uniforms. Hopefully NBA uniforms don’t turn into soccer uniforms with all of their ads all over them. Let’s enjoy these ad free NBA jerseys while they last.

Remember, this list is all my opinion which you may or may not agree with. Chances are your list would look completely different from mine which is why lists like these are fun.


Best – Giant Hawk

The Hawks have had some nice uniforms over the years and just recently they got new ones which I also think look nice. The best uniforms they ever had however are the jerseys they wore in the Mutombo days. A lot of times when there is a picture on the jersey it looks cheap and childish but this is one of the rare times they pulled it off and the red, black and yellow combination looks great.

Worst – Plain Jane

The Hawks jerseys of the Josh Smith days were too plain. The barely had any design and the the colors were too basic. They trashed these uniforms and went in the complete opposite direction with a triangle design on their latest uniform update. They also match the lane and boundaries which looks cool in my opinion, but I could see people hating it.


Best – The Classics

The Celtics have had a rich history and they have kept one things pretty much the same the entire time: their uniforms. They have the classic two color uniforms with, “Boston” or “Celtics” stitched across the chest. They don’t have many variations and it is hard to even tell when they make a change to their uniforms because they are so subtle.

Worst – Gray Sleeved

As I said earlier, the Celtics have their classic uniforms, but they also have these sleeved alternates. I’m not a big fan of the sleeved jerseys in the first place but to see the C’s in anything other than white or green looks weird. Gray isn’t even a Celtics color…These alternates were a miss. If the Celtics are going to go sleeved, they could at least stick to their classic colors.


Best – Faded Blue

I may be in the minority here, but I think the Drazen Petrovic era Nets uniforms look very cool. The bright blue with fade marks next to the red name and number makes for a good contrast. At least they stood out compared to some of the other Nets uniforms. Yes, they’re not traditional, but that’s what the ’90s were all about.

Worst – Too Subtle

These are some of the worst uniforms the NBA has ever seen. Maybe after the bright blue people wanted a more subtle uniform, but these are too plain and boring. Even the texture of the jersey is striped which adds to the bad design. Even the colors are boring. A dark blue which looks almost black next to a dark blue makes for an awful combination.


Best – Bright Blue & Purple

These Hornets Uniforms look electric. The two tone blue, or bright blue and purple whichever way you see it, looks great together. These alternates look especially good with white accessories and shoes. I’m not even a Hornets fan but I wouldn’t mind rocking one of these. Standing out wouldn’t be hard wearing one of these.

Worst – Old Charlotte Hornets

Although the Hornets were very good in this era, their jerseys weren’t. Their jerseys color, which is some sort of dark blueish green, is a bad start. To add onto that they add stripes which are different colors of blue. Stripes on an NBA jersey don’t usually look good, and this is no exception. Maybe with a better shade of blue theses jerseys could have been a bit better.


Best – MJ Days

Maybe it is just because Jordan wore them, but these are the nicest uniforms the bulls have ever worn. Both the home and away have storied histories and both look nice, but I went with the away uniforms because the shade of red is great. It is a nice bright red but not too bright that it looks orange. With that being said, the GOAT could probably make any uniform look nice.

Worst – Black Alternates

The Bulls should never wear black uniforms again. First of all, the black isn’t a good look, and second, they have such a good history with their classic uniforms, why would you switch it up now? I know they are only alternates but going with black jersey and shorts was not the way to go. Maybe a bit of a different design for the alternates instead of the black. Anything other than the black.


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