Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey


Best – Orange Throwbacks

Even though these jerseys weren’t worn all that often, they have been my favorite Cavs jerseys ever since I saw them. They have the classic Cavs colors and the older logo from the Steve Kerr days. The Blue jersey with the same logo on the chest is also a favorite of mine but the orange just barely edged it out.


Today’s normal Cavs uniforms are possibly the worst in the league. They have too many colors and the colors clash with each other. The yellow, dark blue and, “wine” as they like to call it is one of the worst color schemes of all time. To top it off, the players wear bright yellow accessories. The Cavs should go back to their classic colors. I’m not sure where these colors came from.


Best – Current Road

The Mavericks’ current uniforms are their best in my opinion. The have a nice two tone blue combination going and they don’t have too much going on, but they aren’t too basic either. They also have the writing in a different color than the numbers which I think is a cool small feature that not many teams have.

Worst – Green Alternates

The green Mavericks jerseys are putrid. The green color is an ugly green which doesn’t look good on its own but it looks even worse when paired with blue. To top it off, the font of, “Dallas” is terrible. These are an all around terrible uniforms that should have been thrown out before they ever saw the court. Sorry to whoever designed these.


Best – Rainbow Whites

The Nuggets’ rainbow uniforms as I like to call them are definitely unique. No other team that I can think of has ever had a rainbow on their jersey and although it sounds like it would look stupid, they actually pulled it off. It looks awesome in my opinion. In the front they have the Denver skyline in front of the rocky mountains.

Worst – Shiny Midnight Blue

I have never been a fan of shiny uniforms. The Nuggets uniforms look like they are very heavy and uncomfortable. They don’t have a great design either. The font of, “Nuggets across the chest just doesn’t pop the way yellow should. Not even the great Allen Iverson could make these uniforms fashionable, and he made a lot of things fashionable.


Best – Bad Boys

In my opinion the Pistons haven’t had many nice uniforms in their franchise’s history. This is a very basic uniform but it has nice colors and a great history to go along with it. The bad boys need a uniform that was plain and not too bold or showy. I’m sure the bad boys wouldn’t want to wear any rainbow uniforms. That wasn’t their style.

Worst – Red Alternates

What does a horse have to do with a piston? That is the million dollar question. The Pistons logo doesn’t make any sense and they have ugly uniforms to match the terrible logo. The burgundy color of these uniforms makes looking at these jerseys unbearable. And I thought the blueish green version of these were bad. Yeesh.


Best – Current

The Warriors have nice jerseys right now. A lot of teams rock the blue and yellow, but the Warriors might have the best of the blue and yellow. The have a unique front to their uniforms with their logo taking up most of the front and the number inside the logo. They aren’t too busy or complex, they just look nice.

Worst – Burnt Orange

The Warriors jerseys used to look drastically different and it’s a good thing that they took a completely new route because the old uniforms were just terrible. The burnt orange along with the odd shaped design on the sides of the jersey going down to the shorts look terrible. Even the font of, “Warriors” was weird. It starts out large and shrinks down to a smaller size. There were too many ugly colors and designs at once.


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