Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey


Best – Current Sleeved

I am not usually a fan of sleeved jerseys, but this is an exception. The grey jerseys along with the checkerboard on the side and the black stripes that wrap around the shoulder also look great. To me, it is a perfect balance of grey, red and black. The red line around the knee makes sure that uniforms don’t look too plain and it does a great job.

Worst – Stripes

It’s a disgrace that legends like Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler had to wear such ugly uniforms. Luckily for them, they have didn’t wear these for their entire career. These uniforms has so much going wrong for them. To start, the ugly logo. It is an awful logo that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old. Then the terrible stripes. Stripes are ugly enough when they are normal but these stripes awkwardly fade in and out when the get near anything on the jersey.


Best – Current Alternates

These Pacers uniforms are unique. They have an asymmetrical design with a yellow and white side and a blue side. The shading on the numbers look cool and the collar look really good as well. Too bad these are only alternates because I’m not a fan of the Pacers normal uniforms. They should make these the away uniforms and make a white or yellow version for home.

Worst – Pinstripes

Leave the pinstripes for baseball. These look like pajamas. The dark blue with the pinstripes makes these jerseys look like they used to have white pinstripes but they got dirty and turned yellow. There is absolutely nothing good looking about these uniforms. Sorry Reggie Miller, you must know this by now though.


Best – Baby Blue Alternates

The Clippers had the nicest sleeved jerseys in the NBA before they changed logo a couple of years ago. These are my second exception to my no sleeves rule. The baby blue is a great color that goes very well with the Clippers red. Also, the font of, “Los Angeles” is a perfect font to complement the sky blue color on the jersey. White accessories look great with these uniforms much like the Hornets best uniforms.

Worst – Current Reds

 The Clippers worst uniforms are their current uniforms. They just got new uniforms recently and they look horrible. They made them too basic and added an ugly logo. The logo looks too compact and doesn’t take up much space, then they cram the number right next to it and leave a big blank spot underneath. The jerseys look like they took 5 minutes to make.


Best – Showtime

 Please excuse Kareem’s awkward pose for a second and let’s take a look at these uniforms. The old Lakers uniforms, while not too different from the Lakers jerseys from today, do have some differences. To start, the most obvious is that they wore shorter shorts which I think is pretty cool. But also, they had more shadow underneath their numbers which I think was one of the best parts of the uniforms.

Worst – Sleeved Midnight Alternates

The new Lakers alternates are something new. The Lakers have never worn black in my lifetime until now and I didn’t realize how lucky I was. These alternates not only have sleeves which don’t belong on the NBA hardwood but they also don’t go with the classic Lakers look. The Lakers should stick to yellow at home, purple on the road and white as alternates. Those three uniforms have worked for them so why should they change?


Best – Baby Blue Alternates

 The Grizzlies have a great color scheme which can make almost any uniform look good, but this one is especially nice because the base color is baby blue which is one of my favorite colors. The dark blue secondary color and yellow accents go together like PB&J. The Grizzlies should wear these more often but they wear these as alternates. White and dark blue are their home and away uniforms respectively.

Worst – Vancouver Days

These Grizzlies uniforms are bad for a couple of reasons. The first being how busy they are. The second being that they have very odd neck and sleeves. They look like they have Japanese symbols or letters in a different alphabet. Whatever they are, they aren’t cool. They are also on the waistband which is the final thing that makes the jerseys way too crowded. If it wasn’t for the weird sleeves, neck and waist they may not be all that bad.


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