Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey


Best – White Hot

The “White Hot” Heat uniforms were always a favorite of mine. As soon as I saw them, probably when LeBron was on the heat, they were immediately one of my favorites. Although they are only black and white, they look extremely nice. They are clean and with all of the white accessories, they complete the “white hot” look.

Worst – Shiny Black

 The shiny look is not a good look for NBA uniforms. The heat uniforms had a shine to them that made them look like one piece pajamas. Although they won a championship in the pajamas, it doesn’t make them any better looking. Also, even though this is on all of their jerseys, the flame coming off of the T is stupid looking. If they wanted to go with the fire look, they should have added flames to every letter.


Best – Current

The Bucks just got new uniforms a few years ago and they did it right this time. They have a nice simple uniform with some nice colors. Thankfully, they dropped the purple and went with a nice off white color that goes with their green well. They have a nice font for the name on the front and back. My favorite part of the jersey are the stripes down the side of the jersey.

Worst – Big Buck

Not only is the color scheme of the these uniforms terrible, but the design is equally as bad. The Buck image of the front of the jersey is is childish. Having logos or even images or anything other than lines or normal type of design makes NBA jerseys look cheesy. If you look at all of the NBA uniforms, very few if any actually have an image on them and that’s because they have seen terrible uniforms by teams like the Bucks and Rockets.


Best – KG Days

To be quite honest, I don’t like any of the Timberwolves uniforms. They have a history of terrible uniforms, but I had to choose one as the best and here it is. The only reason I like these uniforms is because of the font “Timberwolves” is in. Other than that, I don’t really like them, but when you are comparing them the other Timberwolves jerseys, there isn’t much competition.

Worst – Most Recent

The recent Timberwolves uniforms take the cake for the worst uniforms in the franchise’s history simply because of the hideous color. The Wolves have now retired these jerseys, as they are soon to unveil a new look for this upcoming season. It looks like they couldn’t choose between, blue, green and grey so they came up with this color. If they made these uniforms a purer green or blue, they wouldn’t be half bad. I like the design underneath the arms, but I just can’t get over the color. I think it is time for a change and fortunately I think changes are coming soon.


Best – Red Alternates

The Pelicans best uniforms have to be these red alternates. They have a bright red that really catches your eye and the gold is a great complement. They don’t wear these very often because they are an alternate but they are much better than their blue versions. They are certainly better than their other alternates which are next on the list.

Worst – Mardi Gras

Somehow they are one of the ugliest jerseys I have ever seen while also being the most “New Orleans” jerseys I have ever seen. If I had to choose one jersey to represent New Orleans these would be the jerseys. The colors, the design, everything about them screams NOLA. Regardless, these uniforms are way too ugly to ever be worn on the court again.


Best – Striped Edges

These Knicks uniforms have a different twist to them and I like them because of it. They have an awesome checkerboard/stripe look which you don’t see too often in the NBA. I like it a lot and it reminds me of Marquette’s basketball uniforms which I have always liked. I like the orange and blue combo a lot so Knicks jerseys have always been a favorite of mine. These however stand out.

Worst – St. Patty’s Day

These Knicks jerseys were an absolute no brainer for worst jersey. They may even be the worst uniforms on this entire list. The green is such a bad look and they should never go back to it for any occasion whether it be St. Patrick’s day, Christmas, Earth day, or any other day. A couple of other teams wear the green uniforms on special occasions as well but these are the worst because the orange and green combination.


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