Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey


Best – Christmas

The Thunder have my favorite Christmas uniforms. These uniforms were from the good ol’ days when teams didn’t wear sleeves on Christmas. I’m sure the refs and fans at the games didn’t like these uniforms weren’t huge fans of these because it is pretty hard to see the number on the uniform, but I love the basic blue look.

Worst – Dark Atlernate

These are the only Thunder uniforms that I don’t like because they don’t have the baby blue or the orange that is so crucial to Thunder uniforms. These uniforms are a bit too basic for my liking and the vertical writing also doesn’t suit my taste. I don’t mind the dark blue alternate but they need to add some other colors in as well to make them better.


Best – Holographic Star

 I really like these Magic uniforms for a couple of reasons. One, they have a type of holographic star imprinted in the white base of their jersey which gives the jerseys a subtle yet important. The second thing that makes these uniforms stand out from the other Magic uniforms is the star for the “A” and dot of the I. The Magic uniforms today pale in comparison to these.

Worst – Pinstripes

 As I have stated earlier in this article, I don’t like pinstripes on NBA uniforms. I also don’t like black NBA uniforms all that much so when you combine the two big no-no’s, there you have it, one ugly uniform. The only way to make these uniforms worse is to add a huge image or logo on them to make them look unprofessional as well.


Best – Dr. J Days

These Sixers classics are great all around uniforms. The beautiful red white and blue are Sixers classics and these uniforms were just perfect. The stars down the side of the uniform really put on the finishing touch. One side has 7 stars and the other has 6 to represent the 76ers. The current uniforms took this little aspect of the old uniforms and put them in the new ones as well.

Worst – Shooting Stars

 Most of the Sixers uniforms have looked similar, but they tried to make a huge change with these uniforms but they looked absolutely awful. The only thing that they did right with these uniforms was get rid of them. The uniforms before and after these were fine, but these, were way too cheap looking. The trail of stars makes these some of the worst uniforms ever.



The simplicity of these Suns uniforms is probably my favorite part about them. While they don’t have any lines or unique aspects, they do look great. The font of the name on the front and the beautiful color scheme are enough to make me fall in love with these uniforms. I don’t need all of the fancy stuff, these will do.

Worst – Orange Crush

 There are a few main reasons why I don’t like these Suns uniforms even though they are a great shade of orange. The first being they look like V-necks, second, they have sleeves which I hate, and third, they don’t have any purple in them. These have potential to be great uniforms but they ruined them with a few small mistakes and it’s a shame.


Best – Rip City

 Even though I have no clue what “rip city” even means, the rip city uniforms have always been my favorite Blazers uniforms ever since they debuted. To me they look clean, have great colors and they have a great font and color combo for “rip city.” They are pretty sweet and I wouldn’t mind getting myself one of these jerseys.

Worst – Vertical Text

 Vertical writing on basketball uniforms isn’t hot. Neither is the font they chose for it. They didn’t even capitalize the “B” in Blazers. How lame. Not only the name, but the whole uniform is lame. They are way too basic and they look like plain red tank tops with plain red shorts. They need to add something to these to make them look more like blazer uniforms.


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