Every NBA Team’s Best And Worst Jersey


Best – Purple Sac

The Kings have had their fair share of ugly uniforms throughout the years but they finally got it right with these right here. They have a great hue of purple along with a great complementary grey. I love the side of the jersey that flows right into the shorts. Also these are unique because they say “SAC” instead of Kings or Sacramento which I find cool.

Worst – Gold

Look at these uniforms. Please tell me you hate them as much as I do. I don’t even know where to start. Even these guys look like they are embarrassed to be wearing them in front of thousands of fans. How could the other team take you seriously while you wear these? Please burn these and never wear them again. Ever.


Best – Current

 The Spurs don’t have much variety when it comes to their uniforms. They match the team’s mentality and play style: simple and effective. I like the Spurs black uniforms the best, I don’t have a reason why but they have always been my favorite. These uniforms in particular I chose because I also like the NBA Finals badge which I know isn’t a part of the Spurs but it is a cool edition of the uniform.

Worst – Camo

 These uniforms don’t represent the Spurs well at all. They just don’t look right. I understand they are honoring the military, but these uniforms aren’t honoring anything because they are bad looking. They have the same exact design as their normal uniforms but instead of their base color, they have camo. I’ve never been a fan of camo either.


Best – Originals

 These may be the most popular NBA uniforms of all time. By now they are so famous and almost every NBA fan knows about them even though they are just uniforms. The Raptors still wear these throwbacks every now and then because the fans love them so much. These are one of the only exceptions to my stripes rule.

Worst – Camo

These uniforms fall into the same category as the Spurs uniforms. Good idea, bad execution. I like the idea of honoring the military, but this is no way to honor them. These may be even worse than the Spurs uniforms because they have so much green in them. How would you even see your teammates on the court they would blend in so much that they would be invisible.


Best – Mountains

 These Jazz uniforms are the perfect combination of style and substance. They were awesome uniforms and the Jazz were a great team while wearing them. The Stockton and Malone era, while yielding no championships was as close to a dynasty as you could be with no rings. These uniforms were great and they came in a time when the team was great as well.


 Now these uniforms are the exact opposite of the ones I just showed you. They are very bad uniforms in a time when the team was terrible. These uniforms are too plain, have an ugly design, and have an an ugly color scheme. There wasn’t much going right for the Jazz at this point. I mean, with a name like Jazz, shouldn’t the uniforms have some flash to them?


Best – Stars and Stripes

These are my favorite Wizards uniforms because they don’t have the huge ugly stripes than run across the chest. That is the pet peeve I have with the home and away Wizards uniforms. The alternates however, have very nice stars and stripes down the side and have a cool font for “Washington” across the chest. These uniforms are something I can get behind.

Worst – Gold

These on the other hand are some of the ugliest uniforms the NBA has ever seen. A gold uniform just like the worst Kings uniform. I think I am starting to understand why not many teams use gold in their uniforms. Not only are the tops ugly but the shorts are plain black. No design or anything except for a couple of stripes around the knee. But anyway, what do these uniforms have to do with DC? They aren’t red, white and blue.



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