NBA 15 Hottest WAGs Of The 2016

NBA 15 Hottest WAGs Of The 2016

Want to see which players are scoring on and off of the court then take a look at this list. Being an NBA player can put you in the spotlight. While there may be many unfortunate things about being famous, there are some advantages as well. One of those advantages is the hot girls that come along with NBA stardom. The NBA attracts beautiful women for many reasons and most of the time, it’s because they are pulling in multi-million dollar contracts. I’m not saying that they are all gold-diggers, but these players probably wouldn’t have these same women as their wives if they weren’t in the NBA.

Many of these couples don’t last long, often less than an NBA season. These players always have many options which puts a lot of pressure on the women. Other players are much more loyal and have been with their partner for years and in some cases maybe even since high school. No matter how long these couples have been together or how they met, one thing is for sure and that’s that they are a slam dunk. With the 2015-16 NBA season now over and the need to look for offseason stories, here we will take a look at the hottest wives and girlfriends of NBA players from this past season.

NBA 15 Hottest WAGs Of The 2016



Kayla Wallace is the girlfriend of budding young NBA star Isaiah Thomas and is also the mother to his child, Jaiden. Wallace also seems to be a sports fan herself, as she and Thomas have regularly been spotted at Floyd Mayweather fights together. They’ve been together for quite a while, from Thomas’s entry into the NBA, to signing with the Suns in 2014.

The couple has stuck together, even when Thomas was traded to the Boston Celtics a couple of years back. He’s already on his third NBA team, which can be difficult for a young couple, but Wallace has followed him everywhere. It seems like only a matter of time before they tie the knot, as both have proven their commitment to one another.

Wallace has a perfect mixture of hot and cute, and it’s obvious that Thomas is a lucky man. She’s quite active on Instagram and has over 11,000 followers. It’s unknown what exactly Wallace’s career plans are, or if she’s dedicated her life to raising the couple’s son.



If you don’t know who Ayesha Curry is, then you must be living under a rock. Steph and Ayesha have taken the league by storm and they are one of the strongest power couples the league has ever seen. Ayesha made a lot of noise in this year’s NBA Finals, accusing the NBA of fixing Game 6 when Cleveland evened the series with Curry’s Golden State Warriors. Needless to say, her comments weren’t well received by many on social media and you have to believe Curry wasn’t pleased to deal with that distraction going into Game 7.

Nevertheless, Ayesha finds herself on this list and she and Curry seem like a great couple, regardless. Ayesha is easy on the eyes and their daughter, Riley, has everyone’s heart. The NBA is in love with the Currys. There have even been some videos of Ayesha hitting threes. Maybe Steph has been teaching her a thing or two.



Charlie Villanueva’s skin disease doesn’t stop him from pulling extremely hot girlfriends. Most people would be ashamed of their disease but not Villanueva, and Michelle supports him. The two are now and engaged and should be getting married soon. She has been in a few rap music videos. Game has two children that she and Villanueva take care of.

Some more background information on Game would tell you that she’s been in multiple rap videos and has been highly active on social media throughout her modelling career. When you look that good, it’s easy to pull in followers. Some of her modelling work includes advertising protein shakes and other nutrition products. Game is half Filipino and half African American which results in the lovely woman you see here.

The couple has been engaged since October of 2014 and we’re wondering what the heck Villanueva is waiting for to tie the knot.


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