Top 10 Minnesota Timberwolves of All-Time

Top 10 Minnesota Timberwolves of All-Time

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Minnesota Timberwolves

Honorable Mentions:

20. Andrew Wiggins

19. Nikola Pekovic

18. Anthony Peeler

17. Latrell Sprewell

16. Ty Corbin

15. Stephon Marbury

14. Isaiah Rider

13. Ricky Rubio

12. Pooh Richardson

11. Doug West

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10. Tony Campbell

Seasons in Minny:

3 (1989-1992)

Stats w/ the Timberwolves

20.6 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 2.8 APG, 1.8 Stocks, 45.1 FG%

It’s a shame how impatient management was with this expansion team during the early 90s. Tony Campbell, Pooh Richardson, Ty Corbin, Sam Mitchell and Doug West could have formed a formidable lineup if given the time to grow together. Tony Campbell played all over the NBA, but he spent his prime in Minnesota. While Campbell was also only in Minnesota for three seasons, he enjoyed his best years there scoring 20.6 points per game as a T-Wolf, topping out at 23.2 in their inaugural 1989-90 campaign. In fact, during his three years, he scored over 1,700 more points more than he did in his other five NBA seasons combined. Campbell made up for his sub-par outside shot with a propensity for jumping passing lanes and finishing with high-percentage shots. He was a handful on the glass as well, grabbing almost as many offensive rebounds as defensive boards throughout his career. He never made an All-Star appearance, but he’ got to be a top-10 player in Timberwolves history. He held the all-time scoring record for the Timberwolves before Doug West eventually surpassed him in 1996.


9. Christian Laettner

Seasons in Minny:

4 (1992-1996)

Stats w/ the Timberwolves

17.2 PPG, 8.1 RPG, 3.2 APG, 2.3 Stocks, 47.4 FG%

The Timberwolves fell flat on their faces during the 1991-92 season, stumbling to a pathetic 15-67 record. It was by far the worst record in the league, and in typical Timberwolves’ fashion, they were bumped down in the draft lottery to the third spot, where they would eventually take former Duke hero Christian Laettner. Christian Laettner played three seasons in Minnesota, and oddly enough his best year was his rookie year. In 1992, he had career highs in both points and steals per game posting 18.2 and 1.3 respectively. He was a capable scorer and a solid rebounder when he was in Minnesota, but he struggled for the rest of his career with other teams. Laettner was a great talent, but he never was able to live up to the famous shot that sent his Duke Blue Devils to the Final Four. However, his numbers don’t lie. In an era where Minnesota had no stability, he was as good as it got for them. A stat line of 17/8/3 over 4 years was pretty damn good for the struggling Timberwolves.

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8. Terrell Brandon

Seasons in Minny:

4 (1998-2002)

Stats w/ the Timberwolves

15.6 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 8.3 APG, 2.2 Stocks, 45.0 FG%

Terrell Brandon found himself in Minnesota after Stephon Marbury quickly wore out his welcome and was dealt to New Jersey in a three-team deal. Even into his early thirties, Brandon was a tremendous distributor and defender. He also could hold his own in the scoring department, averaging 15.6 points during his days with with the T-Wolves. He was also known for his quick hands, averaging just under two steals per game over this three-year span. Unfortunately, injuries did get the best of him during his third year, eventually leading to his premature exit from the NBA. That does not take away from him being likely the most accomplished passer this franchise has had. Brandon is also first in team history in free-throw percentage at just a hair under 90 percent. Another contribution Brandon made to the team was the grooming he did of Minnesota’s next young star point guard, Chauncey Billups – even though it was more so beneficial to his next teams. Like seemingly every good point guard they have had, Billups jumped ship and went straight to Detroit to bring home a title. Nevertheless, Brandon played his heart out and will always be remembered as a great Minnesota Timberwolf.


7. Sam Mitchell

Seasons in Minny:

10 (1989-1992, 1995-2002)

Stats w/ the Timberwolves

9.5 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 1.2 APG, 0.9 Stocks, 44.4 FG%

Long before his days of coaching, Sam Mitchell played 10 seasons with the Timberwolves. Finally, a player that actually stuck around for a while, well kind of.. Mitchell actually did leave Minnesota after three seasons before coming back to finish the last seven years of his career. He and mostly all of his teammates from the beginning Timberwolves years were all shipped out quickly. Mitchell proved to be a capable scorer and a decent defender, but he struggled on the boards. He was never selected as an All-Star, but his long tenure in Minnesota made him one of the most beloved Timberwolves in the franchise’s short history. Surely, his stats don’t jump off the page, but in a state like Minnesota, loyalty reigns supreme and this, in my opinion, gives him enough reason to be ranked number 7.


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