Top 10 NBA Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate’s Wife

NBA Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate’s Wife


Athletes are normal people just like you and me; while they have the same regular problems, live in the same regular world, and for the most part follow the same moral codes, there are many aspects that make them different. Unlike us, most of them have cameras pointed in their face 247 and any mistake made is highlighted under a microscope for the public to watch unfold. The perks of the money they make tend to get them in trouble and their own worst enemy more often than not turns out to be the pitfalls of social media and the ability of screenshots and speculations to be circulated around the Internet. Specifically, here we are talking about how situations like these can slam dunk a marriage and turn it upside down. Sure, it may be unfair because these things go on in everyday life. But when you’re under the microscope of celebrity status, your every move is judged.

One of the first and foremost unbreakable rules of bro code will always be to stay away from your teammates’ wife, girlfriend or significant other. To put it simply, just don’t sleep with them, interact physically with them, have relations under the sheets or any other way you want to put it. Unfortunately, for a few unlucky NBA stars and with the help of the media, accusations have been made and dirty secrets have been revealed to the public.

Here are the Top 10 NBA Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate’s Wife.



As we said in the intro, this list involves allegations, so take this one with a grain of salt. The Indiana Pacers had built a solid team earlier this decade and the duo that was leading the way was comprised of Paul George and Roy Hibbert. During the 2014 playoffs, rumors began to surface following the disappointing play of the Pacers. A comment made by fellow teammate Lance Stephenson caught everybody’s attention.

Apparently George and Hibbert’s wife had been having conversations on social media. A gossip column posted by BallerAlert published an anonymous email it had received regarding the situation.

“Roy just walked away without saying anything but ever since then it’s been a bigger downfall in his performance on the court. … Supposedly PG and Hibbert’s wife have been carrying on through Instagram for a while before they ended up having sex. She felt guilty and told Hibbert and that’s how he found out originally. It’s bad because PG and Hibbert were really friends.”



Now this case might not be with the wife of another teammate, but I would say the coach’s wife is close enough. Andrew Bynum of the Cleveland Cavaliers was suspended a few years back after it was released that he had been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, but was then given paid leave for supposedly having relations with the wife of Jamahl Mosley, one of the coaching staff. He had started in 19 games, and played in 24 that season.

Bynum has now been out of the league for a few years and there are no signs of him going back. Nobody could say for sure whether it was just for his play or if there was something more going on, but this is a doozy if there is any truth to it.


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