Top 5 Point Guards in Houston Rockets Franchise’s History

Top 5 Point Guards in Houston Rockets Franchise’s History


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5. John Lucas

John Lucas played three separate stints with the Rockets from 1976-1978, 1984-1986 and 1990. The number one overall pick by the Rockets in the 1976 draft, Lucas is a prime example of what could have been. A rash of injuries and problems with drug addiction prevented him from reaching the pinnacle of the sport. He played 80 games or more just five times in his 14-year career and played under 50 games four times. He played in all 82 games in each of his first two seasons with the Rockets, but then played in 47, 65 and 49 games, respectively, in each of the next three.

Simply put, he was truly a very good and reliable player when on the court. He averaged 11.2 points and 7.1 assists during his five years with the Rockets, but there’s no denying the fact that those marks could have been higher had injuries (and drug addiction) not taken a toll on his final three seasons with the team. As a first overall pick, a player who played three separate stints for Houston and a player who had a world of talent, the injury-ridden Lucas cracks the top 5 on this list.

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4. Sleepy Floyd

Sleepy Floyd was the Rockets point guard from midway through the 1987 season to 1993 and put up strong numbers on a team just a few seasons away from winning consecutive titles. Unfortunately, he was but a stepping stone to the players on those teams. Floyd averaged 11.3 points and 5.2 assists per game in his five-plus seasons with the team, but his biggest accomplishment might be the fact that he played in all 82 games in five of those seasons. He missed 30 games in his final season with the team, though he was no longer the same player he was in his earlier days at that point in his career. The Golden State Warriors dealt him to the Rockets in a package deal that netted Golden State Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson, and that is, perhaps, what makes Floyd famous in Houston. Still, he was a very solid Rocket contributor and well deserving of a top 4 spot on this list.

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3. Steve Francis

Steve Francis has his ups and downs in his five-plus years with the Rockets, given his injury issues throughout his time in Houston, but when he was healthy – he was a force. Francis really filled the stat sheet, scoring 17.1 points, dishing out 5.8 assists and grabbing 5.5 rebounds per game. Those numbers are nothing to shake your head at. The problem with Francis, though, is that he didn’t lead the team to a championship, despite the hype surrounding him when he demanded to be traded after being drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies.

He just wasn’t the best role model for Rockets fans, nor was he what the team needed to get back to the promised land. With all that said, he still put up great numbers and is one of the more recognizable faces in team history. Maybe not today though, as Stevie Franchise has had his problems with drugs and looks like a different person nowadays. Get better Steve! You made a lot of basketball fans very happy. We are all rooting for ya.


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