Top 5 Point Guards in Los Angeles Lakers Franchise’s History

Top 5 Point Guards in Los Angeles Lakers Franchise’s History


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5. Norm Nixon

Norm Nixon just barely beats out the ultra-likable Nick Van Exel for the final spot on the list, though the two have some strong similarities. Both were fun, high scoring point guards that started their careers with the Lakers before being traded elsewhere, playing six years and five years in purple and gold, respectively. However Nixon scored more points (7938 to 5633), dished more assists (3846 to 2749) and was by far the superior defensive player. Oh, and Nixon won two championships (‘80, ‘82) to cement his place on this list to beat out Nick the Quick – who at least wins in the nickname department. Still, both were very good players in their own right so I felt it necessary to mention both in this description.

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4. Slater Martin

Not familiar with the basketball player named Slater Martin? Well, while his name may not be as widely known to today’s fans as the others names here, Martin has a pedigree that makes him a must for this list. For starters, he’s in the Hall of Fame. Pretty good. But Martin was also a nine-time All-Star and five-time All-NBA 2nd team, with four of those All-Star berths and two All-NBA nods coming as a Laker. The defensive stalwart, alongside big man George Mikan, also won four championships for the Lakers – the Minneapolis Lakers, that is. During his time with the Lakers, Martin averaged 9.9 points, 4.1 assists and 3.2 rebounds. Not superstar numbers, but good enough for the number four spot on this list to be sure.

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3. Derek Fisher

The point guard on each of the Lakers’ five championship teams in the 2000s, Derek Fisher came through when it mattered most and that is why he makes this list. His greatest and most remembered moment came when he hit a shot with 0.4 seconds to go against San Antonio in 2004, collectively stunning the entire NBA world. He was the ultimate role man on some of the best teams of the decade and though he didn’t put up very impressive stats, he always did what he was asked to do and was a great locker room guy. Plus he had guys like Shaq, Kobe, and Pau Gasol to worry about putting up those big numbers. If we are being honest, it’s not like the Lakers have had very many other solid point guards over the last decade and a half, but they never really needed one. For that reason and many others, D-Fish is easily the best Lakers point guard since 2000 and number three overall.


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